What Type of Logo Is Perfect for Business Identification

A logo design has immense importance for brands in the business world. It’s the logo design that gives identification to the brand. And it is the logo that enables a brand remains in the audience’s minds.

So a logo holds a vital place for brands. Therefore, when you choose a logo design, go for the perfect one. 

A logo design has various types. And although they serve the same purpose; build brand identification. But not all of them can suit your business. And you have to consider various factors before selecting a logo for your brand.

In this ghostwriting Australia post, we have outlined the top logo design types. You can read and compare them. And it will help you consider the perfect logo for your brand identification. So keep scrolling down.

7 Types of Logo Designs & Which Is Perfect for Your Brand Identification

A logo is any symbol, text, or image that identifies a brand or company. In addition, a logo helps a brand attract new customers. And it distinguishes a brand from the competition. Hence, a logo is an effective tool for branding.

So before you select your brand logo, find out what type of logo would be perfect for your business.

Here are the top logo design types.

1. Logotype

Logotype or wordmark logo design is one of the top logos. And many big brands use this type as their logo design.

Wordmark logos have a few elements. They use the brand name as their logo. So, in addition to letters, wordmarks use different fonts and colors to create a brand logo.

Wordmark logos have a simple look. But designing a good wordmark logo may not be as simple as it looks. However, they can have a unique and memorable look if you use all the elements perfectly.

A logotype can be a perfect logo for your brand identification if your brand is new. And if your brand name has a few letters.

Note: make sure it looks good on every background. So use the colors and fonts with care.

Best Examples

  • Google
  • Netflix
  • Visa
  • Coca-Cola

2. Emblems

Emblems are another type of logo design. 

They are not so common among brands. And the reason is a specific line of brands use this logo.

An emblem logo consists of various elements. Designers use text, symbols, and geometric shapes to make an emblem logo. So these elements make a unique and attractive brand logo. And it gives a professional look to a brand.

Hence, an emblem logo can be a perfect tool for brand identification. However, it is suitable for traditional companies, government institutions, sports teams, etc.

Note: If your business is new, the emblem logo may not do well for you.

Best Examples

Brands that use emblem logos are

  •  Porsche
  • Starbucks
  • Harley Davidson

3. Logo Symbols

A logo symbol, also called a pictorial logo, is a brandmark of logo designs. And it is one of the top types of logos.

A pictorial logo consists of graphic-based symbols for brand identification. It does not include text like other logotypes.

And this type of logo design is good at delivering a brand message. Moreover, a pictorial logo can make strong brand recognition. So if you wish to select a unique and memorable logo design, go for a pictorial logo. 

It can do well for your brand is already recognized. Also, you can use this logo if your brand name has too many letters.

Note: If your brand has little recognition, avoid choosing a  pictorial logo.

Best Examples

Some of the famous brands that use pictorial logos are

  • Apple
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Puma

4. Abstract Logos

Abstract logos, like pictorial logos, use images and symbols to reflect a company’s brand image.

However, they do not use recognizable symbols like pictorial logos in which Apple brand uses an apple as its logo. Instead, abstract logos metaphorical images and symbols to reflect the brand image.

Abstract logos are one of the best logo design types. They give a unique look to the brand. As a result, they can compel an audience to take a good logo. Abstract logos are also good at conveying a specific message. 

So if you wish your brand to stand out, use an abstract logo. Moreover, if you are in the creative market, an abstract logo can do well to reflect the brand image. However, abstract logos are not easy to design. 

Note: Do not consider abstract logos if you are new to the business.

Best Examples

Here are some of the top brands that have abstract logos.

  • Nike
  • Pepsi
  • Toyota
  • Audi

5. Combination mark

Combination logos are a mixture of various logo designs. You can find elements of a pictorial, wordmark, abstract, and many more. 

And it is one of the most common types of logo design. Many big brands use combination mark logos for branding. 

The best thing about this logo is that you can make a few changes in later stages. Moreover, they give a huge space to a designer for creativity. So combination logos are easier to design.

If your company is new, a combination logo can do well for you. It can help your brand have an impact on the market. 

Note: avoid using too many elements in a combination logo.

Best Examples

  • Adidas
  • Red Bull
  • Puma
  • Burger King

6. Character Logo

And lastly, there is the Character logo for your business identification. It is also called mascot logos.

Character or mascot logos are a type of logo design that uses a symbol, character, or shape to convey a brand image and message to the audience. However, they are not just any random shapes or characters. Instead, the mascot uses a shape or character that has a specific story.

Consider the example of KFC. It has a mascot logo design. And it displays the picture of the brand’s owner. So the logo has a personality. And it does not have used randomly.

Mascot logos are good at grabbing the audience’s attention. And they are easy to recognize. So if your target audience consists of kids, this logo design can do well for your brand. Also, it can be a good option if you wish to convey your personality story to the audience.

Final Notes

So now that you have an understanding of essential logotypes, it will be easy to make a decision. You can select a logo design considering your brand. Hence, first, know your market and the target audience. As a result, it will help you choose the perfect logo design for brand identification.

So remember, all logotypes have a common core objective; to reflect the brand image. But it is up to your brand to choose the perfect logo design type. 

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