Can fitness apparel brands grow through influencer marketing?

Fitness apparel brands and influencer marketing are a match made in heaven. In the last five to ten years, influencers have gained significant control over the fitness market. As you already know, the fitness industry is highly competitive and saturated. There are a plethora of brands on the market selling exactly what your brand is selling. It is essential to create an edge if you are to stay in this business for the long haul.

So, what made the shift? Earlier, celebrities such as movie stars and famous athletes dominated the audience’s hearts. But with the boom of social media platforms, ordinary people with talent and skills brought themselves to the level where they can influence their following.

All the intelligent Fitness Apparel brands have been transitioning to stay in the flow. Instead of investing huge capital in one celebrity to endorse their brands, they distribute the same wealth among several fitness and lifestyle influencers. And the result is beyond their imagination. They are witnessing tremendous growth in their sales and huge traffic on their website.

Let’s figure out how influencer marketing helps these brands make sales.

What effect does influencer marketing have on Fitness Apparel brands

Creates an identity for your brand

First, you are just a name in an ocean of several similar Fitness Apparel brands, but after the marketing strategy has played its game, you are now a brand that has its unique identity. All this happens by collaborating with the right influencers.

Customers learn about your story

It’s great if your brand has a meaningful or funny story behind its inception. But what is the use of it if nobody knows about it? This is where influencer marketing comes into play. They share your unique story with their following and put you on the map. The people will relate to your story and visit your website to learn more about the brand. This is what you call a ripple effect.

Builds a lifelong connection

Popular Fitness Apparel brands such as Nike, Puma, and Adidas have garnered a powerful army of customers. No matter what happens, they do not change their loyalties. And this is not the case with just high-performing established brands but also with smaller Fitness Apparel brands. While you, as a brand, can work on building lifelong relationships with your customers, it is going to be a long and tiresome process. Influencer marketing can shorten it for you. As influencers already have a considerable following that hangs on their every word, by associating with them, you get a piece of their loyalty as well. With time, it only grows in leaps and bounds.

Fitness apparel brands who are actively indulged in influencer marketing

Fervid Fitness Apparel

It is believed that new workout clothes act as motivation to hit the gym. But when workout outfits are unique and stunning, it adds a different level of charm. Fervid Fitness does precisely that. Their chic and unique workout apparel is an excellent source of motivation for gym rats.

Influencer Program: They have an attractive influencer collaboration scheme. All the influencers chosen by the brand will receive a 25 percent discount on their purchases and a commission on the purchases made using their referral code. Their followers will also receive a discount of 15 percent.

The Omega Fitness

Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet. It is a powerful letter that signifies resilience and grit. The brand with the same name symbolizes the same spirit. It is one of the most sought-after Fitness Apparel brands. It is a premium sports brand specializing in making apparel that is as comfortable as it is stunning. One of the most selling product is their leggings which are made from moisture-wick material. 

Influencer Program: Omega Fitness seeks fitness and lifestyle influencers to collaborate with. All the influencers chosen by the brand will receive a 30 percent discount on their purchases and a 5 percent commission on the investments made using their referral code. All they have to do is show genuine interest in the philosophy of the brand and share pictures and videos of it on their social media platforms.

Love Fitness Apparel

As the name suggests, the brand focuses on Fitness and celebrates love. Their philosophy is of the Hawaiian term “Aloha”. The Hawaiian word refers to empathy, compassion, love, mercy, and peace. Many Fitness Apparel brands on the market focus on the hustle and pushing beyond the limits, but very few focus on love. This brand does precisely that.

Influencer Program: They have an ongoing influencer program open for fitness influencers and athletes. The interested party needs to send a resume and their application to the brand’s website. All the chosen candidates will receive a discount on the purchases made by them along with the commission on the purchases made using their referral code

Girls Got Fitness

This brand is all about fitness apparel and comfort for girls. Usually, fitness apparel for girls is less comfortable than it looks. Girls Got Fitness is here to change that. They have a colorful variety of sports bras, leggings, joggers, and bodysuits for women of all body types. 

Influencer Program: They have an attractive influencer program open for fitness and lifestyle influencers. All the chosen candidates will receive a discount on the purchases made by them, along with exciting rewards.

The Final Words

Fitness Apparel brands are doing everything possible to attract and retain more customers. Influencer marketing is one of the most innovative tools they can use to boost sales and generate immense profits. We hope this post made you more aware of the role of influencers in marketing and the brands actively looking for influencers to promote their brand.

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