5 services that Copyworld offers you in addition to copying and printing

Copyworld with its two branches within the UANL in the University City offers copying and printing services, but knowing that we are within the facilities of a university, we have expanded our services so that our clients can find everything they need within our facilities. And that is why on this occasion we bring you 5 additional services to copies and impressions that copyworld offers you.

1. – Computer rental

At Copy World we have computer rentals for you. In them you will be able to access the Internet and use different programs installed on the computers so that you can finish your tasks or any project you are developing, having the confidence that our computers work perfectly and are protected against computer viruses. 

2. – Stationery

The stationery that we have in our copyworld branches offers you an endless number of products which we know are of daily use for students, with us you will find markers, pencils, pens, colors, usb cables, use memories, even scientific calculators, and this is only a part of our large inventory. So one day you need something, come with us and you will find what you need.

3. – Printing plans and decals

Our plotter is ready to make the best impressions of your plans, come join us and make your impressions of plans or decals.

4. – Engargolado

Our binding service is fast and low cost; with us you will be able to find several types of pasta so that you can save money when you need to bind any of your work. At copyworld we guarantee a professional result that we are sure that if you need to do it again, without thinking about it, you will do it with us again.

5. – Accessories

Did your laptop mouse break down and you need one urgently? you can come to copyworld and buy one. At copyworld we also sell accessories ranging from usb memories to usb cables, android chargers, iphone chargers, SD memories, scientific calculators, phone holders and more, come with us and find what you are looking for.

These are 5 of the extra services that copyworld offers you in its two branches go to printing bethesda. At copyworld we strive to continue growing and we are sure that in the future we will have more services that will be within your reach.

Top 5 Free Photo Printing Software Programs

One of the curious realities of digital technology is that we carry around high-megapixel cameras, take hundreds of photos a week, and end up printing very few of them.

It’s so convenient to capture these moments, but most of us don’t take the step to take them out of the digital realm and into the real world. Social media and image carnation sites can be virtual repositories of our memories, but sometimes, for the most precious of them, “virtual” just isn’t enough.

We’ve got good news: Software to edit and print some of these images can be handy, relatively easy, and free.

We’ve rounded up a list of 10 of the best free software options for printing your photos on Windows 10® and smartphones so you can move memories from your screen into the real world. Print photo books, invitations, posters, collages, postcards, calendars, keepsakes and more (printed with the HP printer of your choice, of course).

1. HP Smart

For 10 years, the free and easy solution included with your HP computers was HP Photo Creations. However, it was withdrawn on November 30, 2019. But don’t worry; it has been replaced by a robust and free application that you can use on your computer or directly from the cell phone with which you take photos. Meet HP Smart.

Android or iPhone

Available on Android® or Apple® iOS 11 or higher, HP Smart is a powerful printing solution, right in the palm of your hand that integrates with all the images stored on your phone or in the cloud.

Print photos from Facebook 

Facebook® is an incredible repository of your images over the years, but being able to use those photos beyond the app has always been a problem. The HP Smart app solves this problem with a “Print Facebook Photos” section, which quickly gets them from the Internet to your HP printer wirelessly.

Print your scanned documents

In addition, it has a smart editing function called “Scan to Email” to send photos of documents or brochures using the built-in editing and artificial intelligence (AI), which determines the angle of the paper of a certain photo, to later attach it and send it by email.

HP Printers for Your Photos: We Recommend HP Sprocket

A small and affordable Bluetooth photo printer, the HP Sprocket turns your phone into a Polaroid camera. This palm-sized micro printer produces quality photos from your images. From 186,000 COP.

2. Google Photos

Google’s former image storage and editing solution, Picasa®, has become Google Photos® . You can still download and use the latest version of Picasa available to use its desktop photo editing features, but keep in mind that it will never be updated anymore.

The fact is, you don’t really need the desktop tools, as Google Photos, like HP Smart, offers the same features from your mobile device, be it Android or iOS.

Google Photos took the best part of Google+® (Google’s failed attempt to outdo Facebook) and turned it into its own service and app, dedicated to storing and editing images.

Unlimited storage 

The best part of Google Photos? The fact that it offers truly unlimited storage, with the small caveat that each saved photo must be less than 16 megapixels. Since even the newest iPhone only takes 12-megapixel photos, this shouldn’t pose much of a problem.

Cure your photos

Editing, sorting, and searching your images in Google Photos is easy and intuitive. Cropping, adjusting tone or color, and adding bullets are some of the features available. One great feature is the ability to apply a set of editing options to multiple photos with the click of a button after selecting them.

Printing is easy

When it comes to printing options, while you can print directly from Chrome®, you do have the option to set your HP Smart app to print your photos stored on Google directly to your home printer so you have more control over the final print. You can also delegate it completely with the option of Google Photos to send the images you want to print directly to your local printing kiosk.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

The Adobe name is synonymous with photo editing; “Photoshopping” has become a generic word to describe any editing or manipulation of a photograph. For many years, Adobe Photoshop® was a high-end, professional-only toolkit that required powerful computing equipment to function.

And while the full Photoshop program is still a great professional tool, Adobe has opened up its tools, offering a smaller subset for simple image editing and collage creation, called Adobe Photoshop Express.

Free basic tools 

Photoshop Express breaks the tools of its flagship product into a free printing program with a few basic, but essential and useful features. These include “Auto Fix”, a one-click solution that adjusts for the best brightness, exposure and shadow settings in photos, and a selection of 20 free image filters.

Standard cropping, resizing, and retouching are simple tasks with a clean, easy-to-use interface.

Simple printing

Printing retouched images from Photoshop Express is just a matter of sending them to your computer (either via Bluetooth or sending them to your email) and printing as usual, or from your free HP Smart app. Like the others on our list, it is available as a mobile app on Android or Apple phones, and also as a Windows 10 app on the Microsoft Windows App Store.

You will have a complete printing center at home.

4. Photo Photo Editor

Fodor Photo Editor® is an online web application that provides you with a powerful set of image editing and photo retouching tools. With Fotor, you can easily import and edit photos from your computer, your cloud-based storage service (like Dropbox), or from your social networks.

Filters and tweaks

It offers a fun assortment of templates and stickers, along with enhancements like “beauty” filters that serve as a kind of digital Botox. Much of the functionality of the site and app are free, but a pay-as-you-go “pro” feature unlocks more filters and templates.

Rotor’s site describes the tool as “essentially Photoshop, online.” Photo retouching, adding effects and creating collages are not out of place in that description. It’s a very “Photoshop-like” interface and is accessible from any web browser or as a mobile app.


Where Fetor really comes in handy is in its wide range of templates that help integrate your photos. It offers a free invitation maker, flyer, banner maker and photo editor for your Christmas greeting cards. Also, you can print business cards and menus. With just a few clicks and tweaks, you’ll have some truly impressive and professional print-ready designs.

5. PhotoScape

PhotoScape ® is free downloadable image editing software that offers a wide, but sometimes confusing, range of features beyond simple photo retouching. Its interface is a bit complicated and requires you to follow your nose and play around a bit. But when you do, it’s worth it.

Worth knowing

Inside this surprisingly robust freeware is an image viewer, a built-in screenshot tool, and a batch editing feature, allowing you to apply effects to multiple files simultaneously. All this, plus a wide range of filters, effects, stickers, and icons to help bring your photos to life. It even has an animated GIF creation and editing tool.

Great tool for beginners

PhotoScape is an image editing program for beginners rather than image editing professionals. It presents its options in a kind of fun “game-like” interface that encourages users to poke around and try different things. While PhotoScape is primarily a photo editor, this tag doesn’t really do it justice, it does much more than basic touch ups

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