Tips to Perform On Page SEO Audit for Optimizing Web Pages   

SEO audits help you identify the problems that stop your business from reaching its potential. These audits tell you how your content, links, and other technical aspects affect your site performance. You will also identify areas bringing you more revenue. If you focus more on these areas, your business will expand further.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is optimizing the content, HTML tags and images of the website to rank it higher on Google searches. An on-page SEO audit helps you to discover elements that prevent your site from getting more traffic. When you fix these elements, you will increase user experience and help the crawlers to scan and index your site. You can get the help of an SEO company in San Jose, to do an SEO audit for your site.

Tips for On-Page SEO Audit

Analyze the URL Structure 

Both people and the Google algorithm use the URL to identify your website. If you want people to remember your website, the URL must be short and descriptive. There are many websites on the internet, so you need a URL that people can easily remember when they have a problem. When you perform an on-page SEO audit, look for ways to limit the parameters. If you use an SEO audit tool, you will get recommendations to simplify your URL structure. Consult with an SEO company in San Jose, Ca to determine the best SEO audit tool for your website.

The URL is a good place to insert keywords that identify your industry. When you include relevant keywords, you help Google to recognize your site. Also, you can attract your target audience more easily than other techniques. 

If you have planned to change your URL structure, consult with the best SEO company in your area. You could lose a lot of traffic and see a drop in rankings. So, make sure to analyze the consequences before you decide to simplify your URL structure.

Check for a logical structure 

The content in the website should all be arranged logically. If the website has a strong logical structure, the audience can easily find what they need. It also helps the crawlers to scan through the site easily. The site won’t rank on the SERP if the crawlers can’t read your website. So, work with the best SEO company to improve your site navigation.

You should have separate pages, and every item should be arranged into categories. There must be an about page, a terms and conditions page, and a contact page. People go through these pages before they make a purchase. 

You also need separate product pages for items that bring you more revenue. Visitors can click these pages to know more information about the product. Having separate product pages helps them make good decisions, and help your site rank higher with keywords.

The content must also have a logical structure. The headers and the subheadings should be marked in bold fonts. Each paragraph should deliver what the subheading promised. You can also identify opportunities for inserting keywords in the titles when you do an audit.

Check the images for alt tags 

Images can attract a lot of traffic to your website and persuade audiences to become your customers. You can have visually pleasing images, but they might not be giving you results if they are not optimized. Images can take a lot of space and slow down your website. So, check whether the images need trimming when you perform an SEO audit.

You should not miss alt tags when performing an audit. You can identify opportunities to include keywords when you analyze alt tags. When you insert the right keywords, you can rank higher. Image SEO is often neglected, but it has great potential to lift your site. So, make sure to analyze the images when performing an SEO audit.

Analyze the content 

The content on the website should be original and stand out from your competitors. If you want to attract more visitors, the content must be unique and share information not available anywhere else. You should conduct original research and share your findings with the audience. Likewise, you can experiment with different content ideas and see the response you receive.

Your content must accomplish its goal. The goal of the content is to bring more customers into the fold. Perhaps you create content to engage with your community and retain existing customers. Whatever your goals are, the content should strive to meet them. There is no benefit in creating content that does not personally concern your audience. So, make sure that the content addresses the audience’s pain points. Otherwise, you need to revise your content or start afresh. 


Performing an on-page SEO audit is the fastest way to increase the profitability of your business. All you need is to concentrate on a few areas. When you do that, your website would turn into a powerful sales machine.

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