Falcon EHR vs iKnowMed EHR – An Oncology-Specific EHR

Why the Falcon Silver EHR is a Great Choice for Dialysis Centers

Whether you’re looking for a new dialysis machine or you want to upgrade your existing one, the Falcon Silver ehr is a great choice. It’s easy to install, offers a wide range of features, and is compatible with most dialysis centers.

Terms of service

Choosing an EHR can be a daunting task, but luckily Falcon Silver EMR software is designed to make your life easier and your patient’s lives better. The company’s EMR software comes with a suite of integrated management tools, including lab data management, financial reporting, and e-prescriptions. Having an EMR in your practice can reduce fatigue and increase efficiency. Using an EMR is also the best way to maintain your patients’ medical records. The company’s flagship product is compatible with DaVita dialysis clinics, making it easy to integrate with your current medical software.

Using the right EMR software will not only streamline your practice, but it will save you money and time as well. Moreover, Falcon Silver EMR software is available to providers of Nephrology care across the country.

Third party services

Among other things, Falcon Silver EHR software has a patient portal which helps patients view recent visits, medications, and allergies. This is not only helpful to patients, but it can also help physicians streamline their office processes.

The application is also certified for Meaningful Use. It is a cloud-based EMR that integrates with other industry systems. It is designed to help medical practices succeed in changing the healthcare landscape.

In addition to promoting practice management applications, Falcon Silver EHR has features such as an integrated revenue cycle management solution and a streamlined scheduling process. It also offers an automated process for reporting clinical quality measures. It is designed to be flexible, making it a great option for practices that have multiple locations. It is also HIPAA compliant, so users can feel comfortable storing their patients’ health information.

Interconnectivity with DaVita’s dialysis center systems

Among the largest kidney care providers in the U.S., DaVita is known for its clinical quality, innovative technologies and best practices. The company offers a comprehensive approach to kidney care, including dialysis at home, inpatient services, physician support and educational tools.

The market for dialysis treatment in the United States is growing, but the growth rate of patients suffering from end stage renal disease (ESRD) may be slowing. To address this issue, DaVita is working to increase access to quality, equitable care for patients. The company also is focusing on regulatory compliance and best practices, as well as promoting regulatory awareness.

In addition to providing high-quality kidney care, DaVita offers physicians a variety of partnership options to meet their needs. These partnerships include joint ventures, affiliation agreements, and non-compete agreements. The goal is to ensure that all of the physicians in a practice group are bound by a set of rules, including a requirement that they not refer patients to competing dialysis clinics.

Access from any computer

Using the right software, you can get access to your university’s network and you can do it on the cheap. The good news is that you can do this without having to leave the comforts of your office. Besides, the office is a great place to learn. The best part is you’ll have no problem putting your learnings to use in the real world. After all, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded students and faculty who want to share knowledge. The trick is to weed out the bad apples.

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Documentation and updates

Choosing an Electronic Medical Records solution, like Falcon Silver EHR, can help your medical practice meet Meaningful Use requirements. This program is designed to improve patient safety and efficiency, and offers incentive payments to physicians who use certified EHR technology. It also aims to reduce no-shows and increase patient satisfaction.

Falcon Silver EHR is an EHR application that helps medical practices automate their clinical office processes. It supports billing and insurance eligibility verification, and translates EHR data into meaningful dashboards. This application also provides information security policies to protect patient health information. It is customizable and can accommodate workflows from various specialty practices. It is HIPAA-compliant, which means your practice can comply with all health care privacy laws.

In addition to providing an EMR solution, Falcon Silver EHR software also has a patient portal. This allows patients to view their latest lab results, medications, and allergies. It also lets doctors access their patients’ records on their mobile devices.


iKnowMed EHR is an oncology-specific EHR that allows physicians to make treatment decisions from anywhere at any time. It also integrates with McKesson’s leading technology solutions.

iKnowMed EHR is an oncology-specific EHR

iKnowMed is an oncology-specific electronic health records (EHR) system designed for oncologists and other cancer care providers. It offers comprehensive point-of-care treatment decision support. It helps physicians choose the most appropriate course of treatment, and generates safety alerts. It also provides access to an extensive cancer regimen library. Its user-friendly dashboard gives physicians instant access to a range of data and information.

iKnowMed’s web-based EHR system was created by oncologists for oncologists. It provides easy and quick access to comprehensive patient information, including lab results and diagnostic imaging. It also calculates billable units, detects possible medication conflicts, and sends intelligent alerts about adverse drug interactions. It eliminates the need for handwritten notes, and can be used on almost any device. Its advanced technology features allow physicians to make quick, informed decisions, and reduces costs.

It integrates with McKesson’s leading technology solutions

iKnowMed EHR is an electronic health record system designed to improve the quality of cancer care. The software, which is built by McKesson Specialty Health, was created by a team of oncologists and is used in more than 550 sites of care nationwide. It features a variety of technological innovations, including an oncology-specific portal and mobile access. It also supports purchase management, inventory management and revenue cycle reporting.

iKnowMed is a web-based EHR system that offers physicians a secure, mobile access to patient charts. The software offers the ability to exchange patient care details with other EHR systems. Its advanced disease management functions also help to reduce errors caused by paper records. The program also features Practice InsightsSM reporting, which provides practices with actionable data to improve the quality of care.

It allows physicians to make treatment decisions from anywhere at any time

iKnowMed is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) from McKesson Specialty Care Solutions that was created specifically for cancer care specialists. It provides comprehensive point-of-care treatment decision support to ensure the safest and most efficient patient care. iKnowMed is also designed to support value-based care programs.

iKnowMed offers customizable integration features that allow it to be easily integrated into existing workflows. In addition, iKnowMed has received Complete EHR Certification. It is also 2014 Edition Meaningful Use certified. iKnowMed is also eligible for funding through ARRA.

As part of the federal government’s push to improve clinical care delivery, Meaningful Use was introduced. It is a program that allows certified EHRs to earn incentive payments to practices that demonstrate the use of the EHR. In order to qualify for this incentive, physicians must meet specific Meaningful Use requirements. iKnowMed provides a support team that helps physicians meet these requirements and focus on providing the highest quality care to their patients.

It is equipped to support the 3 MIPS practice-reported categories

iKnowMed is an electronic health record (EHR) system designed to support the three practice-reported categories in the MIPS program. It is ONC-ACB 2015 Edition certified and is equipped to handle the submission of MIPS data. It also has a dashboard that provides analytics against historical benchmarks.

McKesson’s oncology-specific iKnowMed technology can be integrated with EHRs and provides continuous data monitoring. It is capable of calculating 16 MIPS quality measures, including three custom measures developed by physicians. The iKnowMed EHR also enables providers to submit data to CMS.

The Practice Insights reporting platform, powered by iKnowMed, is a reporting tool that enables users to compare practice-level results over time. The report also allows users to drill down into individual patient-level details. It is a vital component of the success of the MIPS program.

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