Employee Training Webinars: Things You Need to Know

With remote working becoming a thing now, employee training webinars have become frequent. While some still haven’t gotten used to the remote working environment, statistics show that remote working is going to exist even in the future also. It is only because of the fact that things are changing now, and remote working is more flexible than the traditional working cultur

It is due to the numerous advantages that remote working is going to be as popular and relevant as it is now. 

However, with the advantages, one cannot ignore the fact that remote working isn’t that easy to execute and comes with several challenges. While conveying things and messages was seamless in the case of traditional working, the same becomes extremely difficult and challenging in the case of remote working. However, thanks to the efficient and latest technology methods, things have gotten easier. One such method that has made it easier for remote workers to host employee training webinars, demonstrations, online meetings, and other regular meetups is using online webinars and meeting platforms. 

Talking of employee training webinars, do you know what they are? Let us find out. 

Employee training webinars are an integral part of remote learning and remote working forces. In this blog, we will talk about everything you need to know about employee training webinars. So, without any ado, let us jump right into the blog and learn a bit more about this concept that has over time become a regular term for those working remotely. 

What are Employee Training Webinars? 

Employee Training Webinars can be defined as the webinars that are hosted by organizations to train their employees. Employee Training Programmes have always been very popular in an organization or corporations. However, the only difference between other popular programs and employee training webinars is the medium of hosting. As it can be understood, these webinars are hosted on webinar hosting platforms. It is due to these virtual platforms connecting with all the employees scattered across the world becomes so easy and efficient. 

Like regular webinars, the employee training webinars can either be live or pre-recorded; It all depends on the organizers and the topic that they have chosen for the employee training. 

However, we suggest hosting live employee training webinars. It is because live webinars will enable the employees to interact with the organizers. Not only this, with the live sessions, the employees will be able to clear their doubts they have during the sessions. 

Apart from it, the reason live sessions are more popular than pre-recorded sessions is that they boost interactivity among the participants. 

There are several affordable webinar platforms that come with audience engagement tools, such as live chat, live polls, Q&A sessions, and so many more. These tools help attendees interact with each other while the session is going on. 

But one thing you should note is that pre-recorded webinars have their own sets of advantages. Pre-recorded sessions will enable the attendees to watch the sessions at their convenience. It would also ensure that the employees learn everything at their own pace and not rush into things. Needless to say it would ensure a better learning experience among the employees. 

Webinars are generally hosted to address the audience at a larger scale, and so are employee training webinars. But it totally depends on the organizers, the team leaders, and most importantly the number of attendees. For a smaller number of attendees, online meetings are a good option; however, if the number of attendees is large, experts suggest hosting webinars. 

What are Employee Training Webinar Platforms? 

As you might have understood by the name itself, the webinars platforms that facilitate employee training webinars are known as employee training webinar platforms. There are several webinar platforms available in the market; it is simply because of the fact that webinars are the most popular formats of online events.

Webinar platforms are different from regular online event platforms; They help organizers deliver their content efficiently and effectively. Not only this, but webinar platforms also allow attendees to interact with each other. 

There are platforms that come with several audience engagements and interactivity tools. These tools make it easy for the attendees to interact with fellow attendees. Needless to say, low cost webinar platforms are efficient enough to enable attendees to make connections with each other. 

What Are the Advantages of Hosting Employee Training Webinars? 

As we said, employee training webinars have become a regular thing. It is simply because they are more advantageous than regular training sessions. Some of the most notable advantages of hosting employee training webinars are: 

  • They are far more time and cost-effective than their regular and in-person counterparts. While organizers don’t need to spend huge sums of money on accommodation and other things, even the employees don’t need to relocate to other cities for their jobs. In addition to this, webinars don’t need extra days of preparation. 
  • Webinars are more flexible than traditional training sessions. 
  • It has been proven that these webinars have proved the availability of the training staff. 
  • These webinars help in boosting team spirit between remote employees and ensure interactivity among those working remotely. 

What are the most common topics one can host employee training webinars on? 

There is no particular topic when it comes to hosting employee training webinars; it generally depends on the organizers and what they want to provide their employees training on. Hence, there is no particular topic for organizers to conduct a training webinar. However, there surely are some most preferred topics that organizers conduct employee training webinars on. 

One can conduct webinars to demonstrate products or services to their employees. Not only this, but they can also conduct webinars to get employees on board and explain company regulations and culture to them. 

The most common topics are: 

  • Employee Onboarding
  • HR Training
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Demonstrations
  • Customer service

Employee training webinars are here to stay for a longer period of time and as we said, it is all because of the advantages they come with. Since these webinars have proven to be more beneficial and effective than regular sessions, organizations are going to stick by them even in the future also. 

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