The Glamrock Chica and Other Five Nights at Freddy’s Chicken Toys

The Glamrock Chica is a costumed animatronic chicken. She has a pink bow on her head, pink markings around her eyes and triangle earrings on either side of her head. She wears a pink leotard, light pink shoulder guards and fingerless gloves. He outfit also features green and pink sport tape around her heels. Unfortunately, the chica has lost her beak and legs, and she bears several scars on her chest and body.

Animatronic chicken with pink markings around her eyes

The Animatronic Chicken with Pink Markings Around Her Eyes is one of the new Animatronics in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. She has long, curvy legs and orange feet. She wears a pink hair bow with pink eyelashes. She has a pink metal segment below her left eye. Her curvy body makes her very recognizable.

Animatronic chicken with segmented body

The Animatronic chicken with segmentes is a cute little yellow bird with orange feet and an orange beak. He head is also orange, and she has three sets of teeth. Her head and body have wires coming out of them to mimic the movement of chickens and other creatures. This is a cute toy that children of all ages will love. also comes with a bib with yellow bubble letters that say, “LET’S EAT!” and stylized pizza slices. The chicken carries a tray with a pink cupcake and a birthday candle.

The Animatronic chicken is made of plastic and has a segmented body. Her head is made of plastic and her legs are made of yellow fur. She has purple eyelids, long eyelashes, and orange feet. Her bib is pink with colorized flecks. Is body is similar to the original Chica, but it is a clone. Its head is made of a plastic orange material, which resembles plastic.

Animatronic chicken with blue eyes

Toy Chica is an animated yellow chicken with blue eyes and long eyelashes. Her body is yellow with pink blushed cheeks and stray feathers on top of her head. Her head and bib are not shaped like that of the original Chica, making her look very cute. She has a pink bib with the words “LET’S PARTY!” on them.

last words

he spherical head of this yellow Animatronic chicken is orange. also has magenta eyes. Her eyebrows are black and she has two talons on her feet. Her body is curvy and has yellow bubble letters. Her arms and legs are ball-jointed. It has orange feet and an orange beak. Is head and feet are also painted.

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